Germany Will Be Worse - 4 x 7" Comp.


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Germany Will Be Worse - 4 x 7" Comp.


released May 15, 2017

recorded and mixed by our dear friend Rouven Bienert at AJZ Bielefeld
mastering done by Role from Die Tonmeisterei in november 2016

Released by Flowerviolence Records and Fies Ins Gesicht Records


Germany Will Be Worse – 4 x 7″ Box Comp. (FLOWER 40)
(w/ Capt. Caveman, Cruel Friends, Derbe Lebowski, Henry Fonda,
Ill Neglect, Negativ Null, Sickmark, The Gentle Art Of Chokin‘)

Pressing information:
Black Vinyl: 370 pcs
4 EP’s in black vinyl
Colored Vinyl: 130 pcs (SOLD OUT)
4 EP’s in multi colored Vinyl plus Sticker and extra poster



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SICKMARK Bielefeld, Germany

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Track Name: Unconsciousness
feeling sick feeling tired feeling lost in my own desires i dont wanna feel like this i dont wanna be like this dont know myself anymore every thought is an endless spiral alienated from myself the person i am is not the person i know lost trust in myself panic rules me tunnel vision
Track Name: Can't Be Peaceful
dont wanna be peaceful dont wanna be calm there is no fight without anger there is no fight without rage there is no hope without fighting fighting the power means fighting with violence cant be peaceful cant be fucking peaceful
Track Name: Socialisation Of Greed
obsession of greed capitalistic socialisation always be strong always comparing to the rest always be tough no time for weakness no time to rest this is socialisation of greed always have to be better than the rest
Track Name: Not Insane
parasites inside my head i can feel them crawling crawling up and down the windings of my brain they devour my fucking senses they proliferate and poison my mind i have to get them out of my head im not insane there are parasites inside my head
Track Name: Exploitation
take distance to your own concerns works harder put that pain away always focused on what happens next be cautious what would be the right move for sucess be flexible cause that is what you are there for in this system of exploitation and nothing more nothing fucking more
Track Name: Die Trying
what is this live all about all those efforts and always back down trying to make but not knowing how feeling alone in this fucking world trying to make it but not knowing how got no more power and lost my fucking will we are left alone in this fucking world